sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

I have been scammed by Titan/WSOP

Probably some of you remember my last post about this issue:

I thought it was bad faith about Titan (even thought they lied to me on the phone), but I realize they took advantage of my situation, they are using players money to buy another´s player sit in WSOP.

After I have been told by Titan support that the reason they have paid the player in 2007 and not me, is that their T&C in 2007 where not the same that in 2011, I asked a friend to send me ipoker 2007 T&C, and it was basically the same that in 2011, and their answer to that was:
“We paid him because there was a third part involved” they told me this in a phone conversation (that I recorded) not by email because they do not want compromise themselves.
A third part involved??? So, if there´s a third part involved they can pay the player and if is not they can´t? What is that?

In the same phone conversation they offer me 5 tokens to a freeroll and that’s all they could do because Titan did not received the WSOP Ticket money “That money went to WSOP prize pool” they said.

After I refused that wonderful Titan offer, I contacted WSOP directly to know how was my money went to prize pool if I did not played.
They were very nice at the beginning, the person who I talked to did found my pre-register but did not found the money or the refund, so he asked me 2 or 3 days to contact their accounting department to know what happened to the money.
After 2 days I contacted WSOP again and they sent me a email were they inform me that my ticket was transferred to another player by Titans request on the site in the last minute. Now who is this guy? A Titan´s manager? A Titan manager´s friend?

I started to question WSOP about who is this player who played with my ticket and about this WSOP rule:

11.Registration is open until the end of the fourth level for all events except for event #58, the $10,000 No-Limit Hold’em Championship, which will be open until the end of level two. If there is a player break at the end of the registration period, registration will remain open until the Tournament resumes play.

What happens if I decided to register in the level 2?
Their answer was:
“Rio has acted in accordance with its agreement with the third party licensed to hold the tournament that resulted in the buy in for your position. The money was returned to that company. All acts have been taken in accordance with Nevada law. You may certainly disagree with that position, but the decision of Rio is final and there is nothing further to discuss or communicate. If you have further questions, you are certainly entitled to seek legal counsel of your choosing. Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

How did they acted in accordance if by their rules I could register until the end of level 2 and they transferred my ticket to another player when the event started?
And like all the big company´s when they don’t have answers, they stop talking to the client.

I contacted Titan again to know why did they transferred my ticket and why did they keep lying to me about this.
I have recorded some phone conversations between me and the Titan representative, and between me and WSOP representative and I will post this in a couple a days, there´s some hilarious answers about this issue by the Titan representative.
(I just have to figure out how to transfer the file from my cellular phone to the computer)

Now let´s see:

They transferred my ticket to another player when in their T&C (the same T&C they used to not pay me) they say the tickets are not transferable.
I paid the $535 to play the satellite, I won my place in WSOP, couldn’t play by illness, and I could not received the package value or transfer to another player and they can?
I could understand if that player would be the bubble in the satellite I qualified, but was not the case. They are using player´s money to register wherever they want to.

Why?? Because they can, and we the players let them do whatever they want to do.
They don’t really care about it, as long as they have players who keep playing in their site.

I will sue them both, Titan and WSOP, even thought I know that would be a long and expensive journey.

But right now I need your help,

We have the CEREUS scandal and they still had players and keep making money.
We have the Full Tilt scandal and even after they do not pay to the American players and their withdraws taking an eternity they still had players and keep making money (I am included in this one ).

The big problem in the online poker nowadays is that the poker sites can do whatever they want, and we the players can´t do anything against them because they are always protected with their T&C, and even when they don’t fulfill their own T&C they keep protected with their affiliations in off shores country´s, and if we want to sue them, it´s always a David/Golias fight, they have the time and the money on their side.

I always thought Titan was a trustfully poker site (I also had the same feelings about Full Tilt , I guess I was wrong).

In a day´s that online poker is losing more and more credibility, I don’t see the poker sites do something to change that scenario, and this kind of situations and the lack of transparency will not help his cause.

The union of the players are the only weapon we have to fight this greedy gentleman´s, because without players they can´t survive, and only then they will be worry about it and start treating us like they treated before all this online poker madness started, with concern and kindness.

To my luck I found out a English reporter who´s making an article about the online poker industry, scams, scandals and working ethics, and he seems interested in my story.

I am also in contact with some other newspapers to know if someone else it´s interested in show the world how this people works. I will not stop.

Like I read in a previous post: “Complacency is our worst enemy”” It´s time to get off your ass and make the difference”

The reason of this post it´s to reveal this scam (yes, it’s a scam when they are using players money to their own profit and neither Titan or WSOP follow their own T&C) and it´s to ask you, THE ONLINE PLAYERS, to support me on this situation.

If you agree with me and if you think poker sites should be more transparent in their actions please support me.

My goal it´s each one of us send an email per day to:
with your opinion about this asking for a statement, and transparency in their actions.

And also once a day post in their facebook page:!/titanpokercom

and europartners page:!/OfficialEuroPartners?sk=wall

(you have to “Like” to be able to post in their wall) until they solve this situation or make a statement explaining the reason they pay to some players and not the others, what do they mean for third part involved, and who are the players they register with the other players satellites money.

If they don’t answer to our emails, or make a statement, let´s start to send 2 emails and 2 posts next week, and so on.

This only takes 5 minutes of your time to prove that WE ARE THE ONLINE POKER, and they can´t survive without us.

Today it´s me, tomorrow it´s you.

Thanks in advance to all of you who support me, and like I said I will post the phone conversation in a couple a days.